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The trails are calling and I must go!

        Located only minutes from the Hatfield McCoy Trails, Backwoods CaMPING and RV Park was birthed to give a place for you to come and get lost. there is always time to be with those you love, and to do what makes you feel alive. Something special can happen when you wander in the woods.  That is our story. We thank you for considering Backwoods to be your destination for making memories. YOu will love the easy access to the campground and the hassle free access to three trails right from the campground! We appreciate you and hope you choose to .....

    Come Get Lost!


Delbarton is America's greatest hidden gem. It is an up and coming town with great history in its identity. The greatest part is the people. You will find many smiles and helping hands. Delbarton holds the keys to two of the best trail heads in the Hatfield and Mccoy trail system. We are ATV friendly, so you can ride on your atv's to anywhere in our town. This city also has many places to eat and shop. Not familiar with Delbarton? We can help you plan your trip. We can assist in making the most of what you want out of your stay! 

Matewan is home to some of America’s most colorful history. The town sits at the heart of  Hatfield-McCoy Feud country and hosted the beginning of a movement to reform fair working conditions and the right to unionize following the Mine Wars, Matewan Massacre, and Battle of Blair Mountain in the early parts of the twentieth century. Today, the small town of Matewan, West Virginia sits along the Tug River, nestled between West Virginia and Kentucky. Hatfields and McCoys still inhabit the area. Experts in the field and passionate about their home, the people of Matewan have a story to tell about the town’s living history. 

Unbeatable Views

Let's Take a Trip to The Trail!

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